PHYSICS 47100EF SPRING 2024 (MR408) M 4:00-5:00 (Lab:MR422)

General Information:


Problem Sets:

  1. Problem Set 1 - [pdf]

Final Exam:

Lab Schedule:

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Lab Reports:

List of Physical (At Home) experiments:

  1. Density of Spaghetti [Data (example)] [Data Template (empty)] (Data Due:2/5/2024)
  2. Vibrational frequencies of a cantilever (Data Due:2/12/2024) (Report: Due:5/13/2024)
  3. Virtual Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
  4. Gravitational Acceleration

List of computational experiments:

  1. Molecular Dynamics Simulation Laboratory (Report: Due:5/6/2024)
  2. Equation of state for hard disks (Under Construction)

List of physical experiments:

  1. Measurement of the speed of sound in a metal rod (Report: Due:2/26/2024)
  2. The Gyroscope: Experiments 1,3-4 [Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor ] (Report: Due:3/18/2024)
  3. Optical interferometer (Report: Due:4/1/2024)
  4. Radioactivity [P2] [Manual] [ST360] (Report: Due:4/29/2024)
  5. Measurement e/m for electron (Lorenz force)
  6. Electron diffraction
  7. Frank-Hertz Experiment [Hg] [Ne]
  8. Photoelectric effect [P2]
  9. Microwave optics
  10. Chaos
  11. Optical Spectra
  12. Millikan Oil Drop [PASCO documentation]
  13. Optional/Extra Credit: [Noise] [Optical Diffraction]

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