Mark D. Shattuck


Aline Hubard


S. S. Ashwin
Stefanos Papanikolaou
Pedro Miguel Reis
Karen Lee
Aline Hubard
Zhusong Li
Mark Kanner
Jiaju Ma
Eugene Mananga
E. John Okogun
Roberto Martin
Juliana Vernon
Christopher Condiles
Yi Wu

Mark D. Shattuck
Professor of Physics
Benjamin Levich Institute and Physics Department
The City College of New York

Mark directs all aspects of the research projects, including meetings with all personnel at least once a week, overall design and selection of components, basic scientific direction, overall design of data analysis software, and development of numerical algorithms. The educational development of the student and post-doctoral participants is a major goal of the projects. He spends a significant fraction of time monitoring and directing the progress of the students and post-doc to facilitate their educational development. During the semester, Mark teaches undergraduate, and graduate courses.

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