Come to the 20th Annual Northeastern Granular Workshop!
The workshop is on Friday June 7th, 2024 at Soft matter physics and granular materials laboratory, College of the Holy Cross.

Welcome to the Granular Materials Laboratory at the Benjamin Levich Institute and Physics Department of The City College of The City University of New York. From the rings of Saturn, to the coal mines of West Virginia and the grain silos of Kansas, to the granular mixers of pharmaceutical corporations, granular materials are an integral part of nature and industry. A fundamental understanding of granular systems, comparable to the current understanding of fluids, does not exist but would have far reaching implications. Professor Mark D. Shattuck and his group study flowing granular material using a combination of laboratory experiments, molecular dynamics, and numeric integration of continuum models.

One of the goals of our research is to create simple systems which elucidate important physics. As such, we work on experiments which are ideal systems for training both undergraduate and graduate students. Students in our group have the opportunity to make significant advances in the state of the art and be involved in all aspects of the building, experimentation, and analysis.

We use fourth-generation scientific programming languages such as Matlab or Idl for data analysis and computer modeling. These systems make the advanced particle tracking and other analysis possible by cutting development time significantly and seamlessly integrating visualization, analysis, and simulation.

We are always looking for good students for semester, summer, or full-time projects. Contact Mark Shattuck for more information or check out a list of proposed projects for this year.

If you are interested in obtaining any of the design schematics, circuit diagrams, control programs, special purpose software, data analysis algorithms, or simulation code used in our laboratory please contact Mark Shattuck.

Students can access the syllabus, timetable, and course material for courses taught by Professor Shattuck.

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