High-speed photography:

A high-speed, long-acquisition digital camera system designed and implemented by Prof. Shattuck. It features 955 frame per second, 256x256 pixel array camera system using a DALSA CA-D6-0256W camera and an Epix PIXCI D32 data acquisition board. In combination with an Adeptec 39160 SCSI disk array controller and six 18GB 10K rpm IBM deskstar hard drives (at 160MB/s sustained transfer rate), the system is capable of full frame rate acquisition for up to 20 minutes or one million frames with no data loss. This gives six orders of magnitude of temporal dynamic range.

The hard disk array can store 108GB at 160MB/s and can be upgraded if needed to 570GB at 200MB/s. Typically, commercial systems have limited acquisition times due to frame capture to RAM. Since the system is constructed using standard components, custom software had to be developed to take proper advantage of the system.

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