PHYSICS 47100EF SPRING 2021 (MR408) M 4:00-5:00 (Lab: MR422)

Current version: syllabus.pdf

Professor: Mark Shattuck (

Office: Steinman Hall T1M-16 x8161, (MR419)

Office Hours:  M 2:00-4:00 (MR419)



An Introduction to Error Analysis,

John R. Taylor.

Experiments in Modern Physics,

Adrian C. Melissinos and Jim Napolitano.

Lab Manual:


 Mon. Mar. 1

1st Lab due  (Density of Spaghetti)

15 points

 Mon. Mar. 22

2nd Lab due (Vibrating Canteliver)

15 points

 Mon. Apr. 5

3rd Lab due  (Virtual Millikan Oil Drop)

15 points

 Mon. May 3

4th Lab due (Molecular Dynamics)

15 points

 Mon. May 17

5th Lab due (Gravitational Acceleration)

15 points

 Skip 2021

6th Lab due

5 points (free)

 Skip 2021

7th Lab due  

5 points (free)

 Mon. May 24

Final Exam due

15 points

 Tues. May 25

Absolute Last Day to turn in Labs

100 points total

 No Class

2/15, 3/29 (Spring break)


General Information


Attendance: Class sessions will focus on discussion of concepts, relevant theory for the experiments. Regular attendance, on-time arrival, and participation in entire class are required. The real work will get done at the lab (MR-422). Attendance of one 3-hour lab session per week is required, and every experiment should be completed in two lab sessions over 2 weeks. Robert Suhoke is in charge of the Lab ( (Online only procedures will be discussed in class.)


Reading Assignment: The text material is covered in the lab description. You should read the corresponding sections in the lab manual before coming to laboratory. You may have to look up relevant textbooks for detailed information on some of the materials.


Grades: Grade will be based on the lab accomplishments, the laboratory reports, and the final exam. To obtain full credits students must submit the report before class time on the due date indicated above. Overdue reports will lose 1 point per week starting at 4p on the due date. A report turned in at 4:01p on the due date will lose 1 point.  The reports should be submitted electronically as a PDF file to The e-mail subject line “P471 last name report #N” must be indicated.


Academic Integrity and Plagiarism: The CCNY Policy on Academic Integrity will be strictly adhered to. The document entitled, “CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity” is available from the link at the bottom of the CCNY Home Page. Make sure you have read the details regarding plagiarism and cheating, and be clear about the rules that the college follows. Cases where academic integrity is compromised will be prosecuted to the fullest extent according to these rules.