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Quiz 6


Ch. 8


1)      A puck of mass m = 4.0kg is sliding on a frictionless surface at a speed V=3.50 m/s in the positive x-direction and hits another puck of mass M = 5.0kg at rest at the origin.  The collision lasts 0.02s.  The larger mass leaves the collision with a velocity of 3.00m/s in the positive x direction.  

a)      What is the final velocity (magnitude and direction) of the smaller particle?

b)      What is the total change in kinetic energy during the collision?

c)      Is the collision elastic?

d)      What is the impulse applied to the smaller particle?





















2)      Three equal masses M are placed at the corners of a right triangle with the right angle corner at the origin.  One particle at the origin , one at , and one at .

a)      Where is the center of mass?

b)      Where is the center of mass if M=4 kg, A=1.6m, and B=2.4m?