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Quiz 5


Ch. 6-7


1)      A ball of mass m is hanging by a massless string of length L from the ceiling.   The ball is pulled with the string tight until it makes an angle q with the vertical and then released. 

a)      Ignoring air resistance, what is the maximum speed of the ball? 

b)      At what angle does the maximum velocity occur?
















2)      A 2kg bucket is pulled from the ground up to a window 10m above the ground at a constant speed of .5 m/s using a massless rope.

a)      What is the total Force on the bucket?

b)      What is the tension force in the rope?

c)      How much work does the tension force do?

d)      How much work does the gravitational force do?

e)      What is the change in potential energy?

f)        How much power is required?