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Quiz 2


Ch. 2-3


1)       A racecarís acceleration is .†† At t=0 the car is at rest at.Where is the car after 10s?











2)       A rock and a cannonball are initially at the top of a 98m cliff.The rock is released with zero initial velocity.At the same time the rock is released, the cannonball is fired with zero vertical velocity and a 30m/s horizontal velocity.

a)       How long until the rock reaches the ground?

b)       How long until the cannonball reaches the ground?

c)       How fast is the rock moving when it hits the ground?

d)       How fast is the cannonball moving when it hits the ground?

e)       What is the velocity of the cannonball relative to the rock when they hit the ground?

f)         What is the distance between the rock and the cannonball when they hit the ground?