Physics 37100 Advanced Physics Laboratory I

Lab #1

(PART III: Matlab)


1)     Follow the instructions you received by email to download a copy of Matlab and install on a computer you have access to.

a.      If you did not receive and email contact Prof. Shattuck at

b.      If you have trouble you can also contact Karl Li (  He is in charge of Matlab licenses for the science division.

2)     Once installed, start up matlab lab and type the following:


rng(sum('Your Name'),'twister');

format long;



            In place of Your Name type your actual name.

a.      Include exact commands you typed and the resulting number in your report.  Here is an example of what to include in your report:


>> rng(sum('Mark D. Shattuck'),'twister');

>> format long;

>> disp(rand);