Quiz 9


Ch. 24,25,26


1)      A 480nm laser beam in air hits a flat piece of glass (n=1.52) at an angle of 22 deg to the normal.  The refracted beam continues through the glass and enters water (n=1.33).  

a)      What is the speed and wavelength of the laser in the

i)        Air?

ii)       Glass?

iii)     Water?

b)      What color is the laser in the air?

c)      What is the exiting angle into the water?













2)      A 7cm tall toy soldier stands 10cm away from a lens with a focal length of 20cm.  The toy’s feet are on the principle axis. 

a)      Draw a diagram including at least 2 rays that begin at the toy’s head.












b)      Is the lens converging or diverging?


c)      How far is the image from the lens?  Is it real or virtual?  Is it upright or inverted?  How tall is the image?