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Quiz 4 (take home)


Ch. 19


1)      3 charges are placed at the corners of a square with 1m sides:  -3mC at bottom left, +1mC at the bottom right, and -1mC at the top left.  Find the amount of work required to move the bottom right charge to the top right? 





















2)      A -4mC charged sphere of mass 1.1 mg is fired straight up from a small gun at a speed of 130 m/s in a constant gravitational field g=9.8 m/s/s pointing downward and a constant electric field E.  The charge moves straight up.  After it has moved up 4.3 m, it stops.


a)      What is the magnitude and direction of the Electric Field?

b)      What is the potential difference between the point from which the charge was fired and the point 4.3 m above?